We work with companies as a fractional Chief Growth Officer to improve growth results through Learning Cohorts focused on aligning Sales and Demand Generation teams to unlock growth.

5 Types of Learning Cohorts: Growth Tech Stack, Build-In-Public; Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) + Persona Development; Demand Generation + Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy; Owned Content for Linkedin, Twitter + Beyond.

5 Types of Deliverables via Learning Cohorts: "The System" Endorsement; ICP / Persona Aligned Narrative; Owned Content Playbook for Linkedin, Twitter + Beyond; Audit Assessment, Synthesis + Recommendations; Workshop Synthesis, Ideas +/or Recommendations.


Ludlow Growth Operating System aka The System.

The Ludlow Growth Operating System is a proven growth methodology built over the course of my career while working within Financial Services and Sports, Media + Entertainment at companies including William Morris Endeavor, St. Louis Rams and Publicis.Sapient. 

The System is a digital information product that productized the Ludlow Growth Operating System to increase the velocity of results generated by Learning Cohorts and Growth Advisory clients.


The System enables asynchronous learning via 30+ videos, execution frameworks and step-by-step guides to generate sales faster.

The System is all about focus, discipline, agile execution and feedback loops.

Stage in Lights

What we believe.


All companies are now media companies.

Don't sell, evangelize.
Thinking is good.

Execution is great.

80/20 rule, Mike Tyson rule and
13-year-old cousin rule.

Remember what you're optimizing for.

Know the difference between leading vs lagging indicators.

Enterprise deals don't close themselves.

Don't be busy, be productive.

Fall in love with the problem + the process.

Be long-term greedy.

Invest less until you know, then, invest a lot more.

Make your own luck.

Obsess about the buyer journey. 

Give way more than you take.

Starry Sky

How we think via Micro Essays.
 Twitter (link) + Linkedin (link) of Ludlow Founder, Alec Coughlin.


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#28 'Just as companies build up technical debt, so too do they build up narrative debt' - Kevin Kwok. link 

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#46 FinTech + Creator Economy: 'less Rolex, more F.I.R.E.' link

#47 JTBD framework: Is your product a Vitamin or Painkiller? link

#48 'Give back in ways you weren't supported when you were coming up.' link

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