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#28: Clubhouse Helps You Make Your Own Luck

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

During our weekly Clubhouse Room - "Sports Industry: Getting In, Getting Ahead + Giving Back" - we covered topics ranging from mental health, athlete mindset, navigating your career path etc.

The topic that stood out the most was how Clubhouse helps you make your own luck + the impact it's having.

  1. Know what you want

    1. The more you can focus on a discrete number of topics the better.

    2. Find rooms and join groups associated with those topics.

    3. Then you will find like-minded leaders + the process will start to kick in.

  2. Relationships built by exchanging insights + ideas are powerful

    1. Just like Twitter, building relationships in real-time by sharing insights + ideas with people interested in similar topics is powerful.

    2. Also, just like Twitter, the scale of Clubhouse + your ability to then cultivate these strong relationships at scale is something else.

  3. For example, student athletes

    1. Collegiate athletes have the mindset, work ethic, focus, commitment to teamwork etc to crush it after they wrap up their playing days.

    2. Some of them need help cultivating business mentors to help them improve their networking skills, how to embrace Linkedin + Twitter to achieve their off field goals etc.

    3. This is exactly where Clubhouse comes into play.

    4. If anyone is interested in putting that room together with me, just say the word

  4. Expanding impact beyond what happens in Clubhouse

    1. The magic you experience in these rooms is tangible.

    2. I've witnessed job offers, business partnerships forged, incredible connections made, investment intent expressed etc.

    3. The challenge / opportunity seems to be how you continue the momentum developed in the rooms.

    4. I hope these micro essays are a solid first step but creating a dedicated Substack is a no brainer.

    5. As are Google Docs and other Low Code No Code tools to make it easier for more good stuff to happen with minimal friction.

    6. For example, simple job board in the sports space to make it easy for people to endorse each other, surface opportunities etc.

More to come...

March 18, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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