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#57: Modern Distribution via 5 Nuanced Areas I'd Focus On

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I was recently interviewed by Josh Cadorette on his podcast "Building Out Loud". We talked through my 15 Ludlow growth principles.

The conversation inspired me to write a series of Micro Essays around the 5 areas I'd focus on to build a modern distribution engine.

  1. Ensure that the same people that generate the demand also manage and close the demand

    1. Crystallizing the focus of teams responsible for operationalizing the go-to-market-strategy while unifying their goals / incentives creates a growth flywheel.

    2. Depth of specialized intelligence + application to a market segment's jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) framework unlocks potential of owned content.

    3. Eliminates echo chamber and enables agile execution.

  2. Unlock a mindset shift embracing build in public, owned content + cross-platform execution

    1. Opening up + sharing original thoughts isn't easy as fear of public speaking is consistently in 2nd place behind death.

    2. By doing so you become a magnet that attracts the kind of opportunities and talent you're fully invested in attracting.

    3. Writing also increases the clarity in how you think + therefore how you operate.

    4. Building a community of 100-1000 true fans is a massive deal when it comes to B2B distribution.

  3. Commit to the process of investing in digital assets that compound

    1. Enabling the buyer journey at every step of the way with self-service digital assets that embrace your narrative and are 110% aligned with your prospect's JTBD framework accelerates sales cycle velocity.

    2. Enable buyers to self-select at scale while building community.

    3. "Show" is greater than "tell" + "Media scales like code now" (Balajis).

  4. Simplify + codify language critical to distribution

    1. Know what you're optimizing for so that you enable your organization to focus efforts on driving leading indicators forward that drive lagging indicators / outcomes.

    2. Reduce wasted efforts, improve spirit of collaboration + empower people to lead by pushing decision-making to the edges via shared knowledge of the KPIs that really matter.

    3. Do more of what's working + less of what isn't.

  5. Optimize for next best action via agile execution

    1. Unlock promise of cross-functional collaboration to successfully operationalize your go-to-market-strategy.

    2. Systematize the way you allocate the next unit of bandwidth / budget to efforts with the highest probability of impacting your pipeline's leading indicators.

    3. Run better / faster growth experiments. Accelerate the evolution of roles / responsibilities that used to be somewhat siloed to increase flexibility in relation to the unpredictable nature of buying committees.

April 14, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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