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#42: $27-$41 Million Reasons to Believe All B2B Companies Are Now Media Companies

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

HubSpot's acquisition of The Hustle reinforces that every B2B company is now a media company.

  1. Understand Your Community + Always Add Value

    1. The language around the acquisition including Sam Parr's statements "mission to help give business builders the information they needed to put their dent into the world", reinforce the passion he / they have for producing content that addresses the core of what their community is all about.

  2. Content That Travels At The Pace of the Internet

    1. The Internet has accelerated audience fragmentation, diversity of interests / consumption and desired medium / platform of delivery. Instead of viewing that as a threat to business as usual, embrace it and enable your content to go further, faster.

  3. Demand Generation + Then Some

    1. Owned content is no longer just about Demand Generation, now brands are moving further up the funnel into becoming the content that customers want to consume from the jump vs just paying for the ad that interrupts content experiences.

  4. Deal Logic

    1. Shoutout to Jacob Donnelly (@JayCoDon) and his deal logic Twitter thread —> If Hubspot earns $9,920 on average per customer with a 99.9% subscription dollar retention rate and signs up 2,721 people from The Hustle at the average subscription size, they generate $27M. The Hustle has 1.5M+ subscriptions so the 2,721 translates to a 0.18% conversion rate.

    2. Nevermind the LTV of those new clients, The Hustle’s existing business pre-acquisition...

I'd bet on Sam Parr, The Hustle + HubSpot for sure.

February 9, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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