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#5: It's Called an 'Elevator Pitch' for a Reason

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Imagine walking into an elevator with the CEO of your top target company.

She hits the 48th floor, you hit the 51st. A couple other people walk in, they hit the 17th, 26th + 31st. You stand next to the CEO, make eye contact, now what?

They call it an elevator pitch for a reason.

Whether this literally happens in an elevator, at a conference or the digital equivalent, this is the ultimate opportunity.

A lot of people drop the ball because they make an understandable but critical error.

It's called a lot of things but one way to describe it is "naval gazing" aka it's all about you, your company, your features / benefits etc.

CEO isn't impressed, stops listening and politely says "Interesting, here's my floor. Good luck."

Don't do that. Do this.

From the perspective of this CEO, answer these 3 questions for her:

  1. “What is it?"

  2. "Why should I care?"

  3. "Why should I believe this person?”

Think about her critical problems, which ones you address, how you're a painkiller not a vitamin + what makes your company unique.

Think about the quantifiable value you create for her + the business case for doing a deal with you. Think about the top 1-3 clients you're in business with, solving their critical problems that she will be impressed by.

Think about the "do's" + "don'ts" that will trigger her in a positive or negative way. Integrate the "do's", steer clear of the "don'ts".

Think about how you can combine this stuff into a compelling story that will motivate her to ask “buy” questions that will encourage you to then make the ask to continue the conversation by sharing contact info.

Don't worry, like everything else, this stuff is iterative so no need to make it perfect.

The only must do is to do it in the real world with real prospects.

You don't get what you don't ask for.

January 8, 2021 (Twitter Link)

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