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#50: 4 Tips From the Sports Industry Community We're Building on Clubhouse

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Every Wednesday at 7pm, I co-host a Clubhouse room with Matt Wilson - "Sports Industry: Getting In, Getting Ahead + Giving Back".

It's an awesome way to gather like-minded people in the industry to share knowledge, build relationships and give back.

What I loved about last night's session was how tangible the tips / reccos were from the rockstars in the room.

  1. People buy from people they like

    1. As true today as ever before.

    2. Good news, we have a gazillion digital platforms to produce valuable content for your clients, prospects, industry etc so they can get to know you before meeting you, keep up with what you're up to, etc.

  2. Before leaning into building out your digital presence, building in public etc define your values, focus etc

    1. One of today's champagne problems is the end of boredom, infinite social media content, distribution channels etc.

    2. While I'm very much a big fan of executing / iterating to reverse engineer strategy, it's critical that you step back and create a framework for your values, focus, what you're all about etc to guide what you do and don't post.

    3. Shout out to Alex Hutchi's recco to check out the timeless "Elements of Value" via HBR 2016.

  3. Embrace entrepreneurial podcasts to help you overcome the inevitable twists and turns along the way

    1. Both "The Founder’s Journal" by Alex Lieberman and "How I Built This" with Guy Raz received pound the table type endorsements.

  4. Start an online writing habit

    1. A lot of good things comes from regularly publishing micro essays.

    2. Read "The Practice" by Seth Godin to get the ball rolling.

    3. "Do then be" as Seth would say.

Thanks to those that keep showing up. You're an inspiration and I ❤️ the community we're building!

Keep doing what you’re doing aka having maximum impact.

March 11, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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