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#53: 'Give Back in Ways You Weren't Supported When You Were Coming Up'

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Last night in our weekly Clubhouse room, I moderated a conversation led by the 4 co-Founders of "Womxn in Sports Business", Eden, Linsey, Mariah and CK.

Needless to say, these rockstars are doing HIGH impact work + motivated the heck out of the room.

Top 5 takeaways:

  1. "Give back in ways you weren't supported coming up."

    1. I mean, this keeps giving me the chills every time I write it.

    2. I love the simplicity + power of this statement.

    3. Sometimes I find people I know that want to get involved, give back etc but struggle to find that first step.

    4. Well, I think this statement just solved for that question.

  2. "Being an ally starts with one question - How can I help you?"

    1. It's amazing what happens when you start with that question + listen. 2 ears, 1 mouth for a reason right?

    2. For all of you rockstars that want to get involved, start with this question + you will discover how your skillset, relationships and knowledge can have maximum impact.

    3. Never underestimate the impact one person can have on another.

  3. Networking, relationship capital + transferability of skillsets

    1. I wish I could have recorded the conversations around the importance of networking early + often.

    2. Benefits are tremendous including contextualizing all the doors you can walk through to get into the Sports Industry Ecosystem.

    3. Also, it will help you discover different ways to help you differentiate yourself by reinforcing the transferability of your skillsets and their application to the industry.

  4. You don't get what you don't ask for

    1. Find the person / people that have the job you want + reach out to them. Set-up a virtual coffee, an informal Q&A session etc.

    2. Goes without saying but be sure to do your homework in advance, customize the outreach, be cognizant of their time etc but most definitely make the ask. What's the worst thing that happens?

    3. They might say no + that's ok. KEEP GOING.

  5. "Moolah Kicks"

    1. Natalie White, the founder of "Moolah Kicks", the first women's basketball sneaker brand joined us and told one of the coolest and most compelling start-up stories I've heard in a while.

    2. More to come on this one for sure...

March 25, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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