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#59: Modern Distribution #2: Building-In-Public

Thanks to the blueprint being laid out by the fastest growing SaaS companies, innovative entrepreneurs etc, I think Building-In-Public (B-I-P) is an approach that companies of all sizes / stages will embrace over the next 18+ months. It's the engine of modern distribution.

  1. Getting to know you, at scale

    1. Nothing boosts confidence more than getting to know someone, how they think, what they believe in etc. BIP enables you to do this in a genuine, consistent + scalable way that couldn't be easier for a person to engage with.

    2. You can never go wrong making the buyer journey easier while increasing buyer confidence along the way.

    3. 1+1=3.

  2. If you don't develop your narrative, the market will do it for you

    1. The more sophisticated the buyer / buying committee, the investor, the reporter, etc the more comprehensive the dossier they'll put together on your company, your team and you.

    2. If you don't generate your narrative, they'll do it for you and make a decision accordingly.

    3. Never underestimate the opportunities you can cultivate by building a community.

    4. Community led growth is undefeated.

  3. Think of B-I-P as an Artist-In-Residence model

    1. There are a lot of challenges to consider when getting started.

    2. Writing original content consistently can be difficult, scary and time consuming. When it's being done by executive(s), there are organizational concerns, risks to mitigate, internal challenges to navigate as well.

    3. But just as you would embrace the right endorsement / partnership opportunity with the right celebrity / artist etc, borrow from that school of thinking to unlock leading edge collaboration.

  4. Play the long game

    1. There is a lot of individual / organizational will required to get started, stay committed + do the work.

    2. Establish a vision, do's, don'ts, goals, etc before getting started. Commit to the process.

    3. Seek quick wins from other places but have faith in what you can build over the long haul by staying the course.

    4. Celebrate even the smallest of B-I-P wins.

  5. Check out the feeds, substacks etc of those doing it really well

    1. Jack Butcher (@jackbutcher), Nick Huber (@sweatystartup), Greg Isenberg (@gregisenberg), Harry Hurst (@harryhurst), Ryan Dennehy (@DenehyXXL), Amanda Goetz (@AmandaMGoetz) Blake Emal (@heyblake), Gavin Baker (@GavinSBaker), Shreyas Doshi (@shreyas), Arvid Kahl (@arvidkahl), Matt Kobach (@mkobach) and many more.

April 20, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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