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#64: B2B CMOs + CROs: What's Your AI (ML, NLP + Computer Vision) Quotient?

If you're a B2B CMO and / or CRO, you have an extraordinary opportunity to embrace AI (ML, NLP + Computer Vision) to grow your business faster and more profitably by aligning your sales and marketing teams via transformational technology.

  1. What role does Intent Data play?

    1. The majority of sales interactions, demand generation and buyer research / discovery happens in digital channels.

    2. Machines are really good at automating the gathering and interpretation of Intent Data.

    3. Helping humans make better time and resource allocation decisions.

  2. What role does Conversation Intelligence play?

    1. Aggregating and making sense of unstructured data ((i.e.) every conversation between your sales team) and the market has staggering implications for your go to market strategy and its execution.

    2. If Next Best Action is the holy grail, invest in Conversation Intelligence.

  3. How are you enabling Human + Machine collaboration?

    1. I get it.

    2. There are those that see transformational technology as Humans vs Machines and then there are those that see it as Humans + Machines.

    3. Remember there are things that machines are infinitely better at (i.e. they don't forget things...which I certainly do, all the time!) and there are things humans are so much better at (i.e. EQ + IQ).

    4. Important to find leaders within your organization with the Growth Mindset that will embrace Machines to help everyone get better.

  4. How confident are you in your pipeline?

    1. Given that the buyer (Coach vs Champion vs Economic Buyer) now controls the journey, optimizing for their engagement is where you want to be.

    2. There are some extraordinary technologies available today that can analyze historical engagement rates (email), quality of engagement (content), profile of stakeholders at each stage in the buyer journey (calendar / titles) etc vs deals won / lost across your entire company to establish a performance baseline.

    3. Then, going forward, the technology can automate the analysis of your active pipeline to improve forecasting,

    4. Next Best Action recommendations to increase sales cycle velocity, closure rates etc.

    5. Humans + Machines, not, Humans vs. Machines.

Very exciting technology, very exciting times.

June 9, 2021 (Twitter Link)

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