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#65: In 5 Years, B2B Distribution Will be Unrecognizable

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Recent advances in AI (ML, NLP + Computer Vision) will make B2B Distribution unrecognizable within 5 years.

For example, unstructured 1st party data that was previously unattainable can now be gathered, organized, interpreted + made actionable across Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. "Technology" just got exponentially better, enabling the "People + Process" bit to do the same.

  1. Reduce Your Cost of Acquisition

    1. Make your Demand Generation + ABM campaigns better by embracing Predictive Intelligence to focus on companies that are in-market looking for a solution aligned with your value proposition.

    2. Realize the promise of agile execution / Next Best Action by Demand Generation + BD teams via AI-powered revenue and marketing intelligence.

  2. Increase Your Sales Cycle Velocity

    1. Enable machines to do the tedious but important work so you can focus on being more thoughtful about how you create value through each online and offline stage of the buyer journey.

    2. Optimize for engagement with ICP aligned prospects and clients that can benefit by doing more business with you.

    3. “Give, Give, Ask” at scale.

  3. Accelerate Learning + Development

    1. Embrace Conversation Intelligence + Coaching Software to create a high-performance team culture obsessed with creating value for your customers.

    2. Automatically create asynchronous learning tracks to replicate your top 5-10% of performers to raise the mean of your Business Development,

    3. Demand Generation + Customer Success teams.

    4. Fill skillset gaps faster through AI enabled, asynchronous learning.

    5. Become a magnet for world class, cross-functional talent.

  4. Unlock Cross-Functional Collaboration + Alignment

    1. Remove silos / walls between Sales, Marketing + Customer Success by enabling verticalized, cross-functional pods to crush it by leaning into a unified set of data, insights + next best action recommendations.

    2. Activate human + machine collaboration.

  5. Develop Intellectual Property + Focus on Long-Game

    1. Continuously enrich the value of your data + knowledge graph so all aspects of the company benefit.

    2. On-board faster, innovate better, generate new revenue streams faster, mitigate risks better, allocate capital more efficiently / productively etc.

    3. Next level growth

June 22, 2021 (Twitter Link)

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