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#66: 3 Reasons You Need a Chief Growth Officer

The Chief Growth Officer is rapidly becoming an essential position for B2B businesses of all sizes. The rise of CGOs is being driven by digital transformation complexity, outdated operating models, misaligned incentive structures + challenges / opportunities in harnessing an AI enabled growth tech stack.

Here are 3 reasons why.

  1. CRO is all about hitting quarterly numbers. CMO crushes brand + creativity. With 10+ years of Digital Transformation pulled forward in the last 10+ months, the CGO is essential to integrate the two.

    1. Buyers are now in complete control of their buyer journey.

    2. Sales teams are trying to transform their teams from transactional to consultative sellers.

    3. MarTech stack is more crowded + complex than ever before with emerging AI enabled growth tech promising exponentially better ROI. Skillset development is no longer a nice to have.

    4. The digital transformation list goes on...

  2. Companies might not realize that there are growth drivers in every department, time to optimize them.

    1. CGOs are tasked with responsibilities that bridge existing departments + drive successful collaboration across sales, marketing, IT + customer success.

    2. Consolidating conflicting agendas while removing internal barriers + the friction that slow growth efforts.

    3. Optimizing limited growth resources, consolidating RevOps, increasing execution velocity while setting milestones that check progress along the way.

  3. Longer-term growth goals + vision need accountability.

    1. Traditional methods of incremental expansion + innovation aren't sustainable.

    2. Growth requirements are different today.

    3. Rooted in a competitive landscape shifting faster than ever before + a digital / tech ecosystem that's exponentially more complex.

    4. The longer-term needs to be balanced with near-term accountability.

    5. Companies need a cross-functional leader to toggle between the two + execute decisions quickly + effectively.

July 11, 2021 (Twitter Link)

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