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#68: Growth Means Different Things to Different People. 13 Ways to Think About it.

Unpopular opinion, leaders don't have a shared understanding of what "Growth" is/isn't.

Yes, it's an abstract term but you know what they say about the good things that happen when you codify critical terms to get everybody on the same page.

13 ways to describe growth supported by a Twitter thread of inspirational quotes from rockstars leading the way:

  1. Net New

  2. Sell more to new prospects

  3. Organic

  4. Sell more to existing clients

  5. Scalable

  6. Growth that can be replicated across an organization, market etc.

  7. Product / Service Innovation

  8. Build + monetize new products / services / offerings

  9. Product Led

  10. Build growth driving features into your product

  11. Sales Led

  12. Train transactional sellers to become consultative sellers and increase the quantity / quality of relationships they build

  13. Marketing Led

  14. Improve Demand Generation by more effectively activating business graphs of your leaders via owned content

  15. Tech Led

  16. Implement transformational digital tech aka 10X type tech such as Conversation Intelligence + Coaching Software, NLP/ML etc

  17. Community Led

  18. Not an audience but a community you design to support your people, partners + ecosystem

  19. Entrepreneurial Quotient

  20. Unlock the growth mindset within your culture to activate / celebrate calculated risk taking

  21. Buyer Experience

  22. Invest in self-service digital experiences that compress the buyer journey focused on their jobs to be done framework

  23. Cross-Functional

  24. Increase the sales quotient of your Customer Success team so they can turn a single into a double

  25. Executive Leaders

  26. Increase focused collaboration between CMO + CRO to get the biggest of big deals done aka elephant hunting

What am I missing?

August 1, 2021 (Twitter Link)

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