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#69: AI-First Sales + Marketing Tech: Invest in Your Own Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is about gathering data and processing it into information that helps us make better decisions, faster.

Companies that build their AI capabilities are investing in their own intelligence. They're establishing a competitive advantage.

Every aspect of the relationship between companies and their customers is changing. The lines between Sales, Marketing + Customer Success are blurrier than ever before. Presenting an incredible opportunity for companies that embrace AI-first Sales + Marketing technology.

What today's ML, NLP + Computer Vision enabled technology makes possible is incredible.

So many Sales + Marketing decisions that used to be made based on feel / intuition / 'experience' can now be made with tangible insight to enhance the impact of our creativity. We can create experiences people love by personalizing every touchpoint at scale. Identifying patterns, discovering unmet needs and satisfying latent demand via products people adore.

Global sales teams can learn from each other and the previously unavailable data generated by all of their unstructured data including every single conversation teams have with the market. Risk can be systematically removed from your pipeline as true success drivers are understood, the noise is ignored and the promise of next best action is realized.

Relevant, previously unattainable data trapped in organizational silos can now be processed and freed up to improve your cross-functional product, marketing, sales cycle velocity and organic growth efforts. Cross-functional collaboration across these groups can now be guided by performance data and results that can help ease the burden of culture change. Encouraging cross-functional pods to take shape and become pillars of your organizational design.

Opportunities that would have been pursued in the past, only to reveal themselves down the road to not be a good fit, will now be qualified out well in advance. Enabling pre-sales teams to better focus their efforts on higher impact opportunities, making better use of their skillsets and improving the mean of each business development rep.

The best part? We're just getting started...

August 13, 2021 (Twitter Link)

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