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#73 ML + NLP Enabled Relationship Intelligence is a VERY Big Deal

Affinity personifies why I’m so stoked on the power of Enterprise AI Tech to propel business growth to unimaginable heights. Oversimplifying for sure, but they can be thought of as a relationship intelligence platform aka CRM 2.0.

Affinity aggregates digital data exhaust and analyzes it via machine learning and natural language processing to generate insights tied to how relationship capital can be enhanced / put to work to optimize efforts to get complex deals done.

Top 3 reasons for my enthusiasm:

  1. Relationship driven economy has been expanded by COVID accelerated digital transformation of B2B sales + marketing

    1. Everybody is connected now.

    2. It's no longer about who you know (Linkedin), it's about how well you and your team know your prospect's jobs-to-be-done framework, their buying committees, nuances associated with how deals do / don't get done within their company culture etc.

    3. It's about how well you carry that knowledge with you into every decision and interaction along today's super complex buyer journey.

    4. Lack of in-person interactions create significant challenges here.

  2. Companies are sitting on massive amounts of data that Affinity can turn into deal drivers

    1. Affinity integrates billions of data points from the data every company is sitting on but not utilizing: data within email, calendar streams and other channels / platforms / systems.

    2. These actionable insights can be like wearing night vision goggles for the first time.

  3. Affinity is enabling the promise of Humans + Machines, helping humans do what we do best

    1. "Affinity has analyzed over 18 trillion emails and 213 million calendar events to build its relationship intelligence graph. Its platform currently powers over 500,000 new introductions and tracks 450,000 deals per month. In total, the Affinity platform has made 10 million warm introductions."

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