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#77 You can't unsee DAOs after you see them

Rooted in Web3 - blockchain technology, smart contracts, member tokens etc - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a new way to organize work and collaboration between individuals and between companies.

Examples include joint financing of assets (Investment), coordination of joint service delivery (Cooperative) or use of common resources (Sharing).

DAOs had me at 'all the value created by the community stays within the community', automation via smart contracts and the democratized approach to project selection. To make DAOs real, here's what a Ludlow Cooperative DAO could look like:

  • The DAO is established to bring together rockstar talent to help companies grow faster / more profitably in exchange for equity and success fees

  • Founding DAO members would specialize in the component parts of go-to-market strategy + execution including business strategy, sales, marketing, technology, data science, customer success etc. along with nuanced industry knowledge, relationships and access

  • We would co-create a criteria for the types of companies we feel we can have maximum impact on and structure mutually beneficial agreements with them

  • Equity and success fees earned would enter the DAO and smart contracts will automatically manage distributions vs reinvestment of the proceeds into the business

  • The DAO would vote on additional members, making tokens available to investors and bringing on additional companies

Maybe we work with emerging artists to help them take everything to the next level without all the business distractions so they can do what they do best aka Create?

Maybe we work with Purpose Driven $100M businesses looking to become $300M businesses that don't necessarily know where to start with this whole "Digital Transformation" meets "Tokenomics" thing?

Maybe we work with seed stage SaaS or Crypto companies looking for Enterprise Go-To-Market as a Service vs hiring that kind of talent on their own?

I'm most definitely here for Web3. Are you?

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