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#80 Braintrust makes crypto enabled / Web3 business model innovation real.

Braintrust is the first decentralized, liquid marketplace for talent. A crypto enabled, Web3 business model that's generating real deal results.

They're disrupting the trillion dollar IT space via a two-sided marketplace with clients such as Goldman Sachs, Nike, Porsche and NASA on one side and world class tech talent from 100+ countries on the other side.

Their crypto enabled business models strips out Web2 business model related overhead / costs of doing business (i.e. CAC). Their core innovation is the BTRST token.

Token holders include the 6 software companies maintaining the platform, smart contracts etc and the freelancers doing the work. Realizing the promise of crypto enabled / Web3 business models where the decentralized community is enriched vs one centralized company and its investors.

Top 3 reasons why I find Braintrust so fascinating:

1 - Equity driven interest alignment via BTRST token

Equity is the ultimate way to align interests. To do great work, recruit more like-minded rockstars, build the brand and business over the long haul, the BTRST token does that.

2 - 90:10 vs 60:40 Economics

Price is what you pay, value is what you get. When $9 out of every $10 dollars from Corporate clients go to the rockstars doing the work vs $6-$8 via Braintrust's Web2 competitors, good things happen for everyone. 82,000 freelancers have signed up, they've completed 8.300 jobs with an average project size of $67,000 since launching. So far so good.

3 - Self-Directed Community

Token holders get to initiate and vote on strategic initiatives such as network changes, growth / expansion etc. Not only does a freelancer have equity in the business, capture more of the fee paid by the client but they get a seat at the table to help guide the company's strategic cool.

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