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#84 Twitter bookmarks tell you a lot about your love for the Bird App.

I can’t say enough about how much I love Twitter.

Reviewing the last 90 days of bookmarked content reminded me of 5 things:

1 - Getting in the heads of the smartest people in the game

How can you quantify the value of having a front row seat watching the most talented people in the world think through the problems they’ve dedicated their lives to solving? How about the value of learning what they did, what did / didn’t work and how they’re evolving their approach in real-time?

2 - Mental models

Learning how other people learn / do so you can learn / do better is priceless. Whether it’s going deeper in your craft / area of expertise or if you’re looking to get red pilled on a super complex topic, mental models are a cheat code.

3 - Narrative + story telling

Just like technical debt, we all have narrative debt we need to address. There are so many extraordinary communicators on Twitter. Whether it’s gnarley, super thought provoking quotes, elegant threads or micro essays that distill complex topics into their essence or killer visuals that communicate so much more than just words, Twitter has you covered.

4 - Web3 / Crypto enabled opportunities

Speaking of the red pill, Web3/Crypto Twitter is something else. There are so many directions to go on this one but the one thing I’d suggest is to embrace human curation. Find the leaders who have a voice that resonates with you and can act as your guide. Follow their lead and crawl, walk and run into it. Be patient with yourself and don’t give up. This is a 10-20 year wave you definitely want to paddle into.

5 -Visual learner

We all learn differently but no doubt, I am a visual learner. The more visualizations, the better. It helps me understand stuff that might otherwise take me a lot longer to grasp.

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