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#9: 'Show' is so Much Greater Than 'Tell'

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Safe to assume your buyer is in complete control.

Safe to assume they won't engage with you or your company unless they want to.

Safe to say they're going to come to fundamental conclusions about you and your business without ever interacting with you or any of your colleagues.

Safe to say building your demand generation around a deep, nuanced understanding of your buyer’s journey is mission critical.

When it comes to the buyer journey, here are my top 4 considerations.

  1. Customer centricity is easy to say but much more difficult to execute

    1. Using your top 2-3 personas, put yourself in their shoes and diagram how the ideal process unfolds from their perspective.

    2. What critical problems are they trying to address during each stage?

    3. What questions are they trying to answer?

    4. How can you make it easier for them?

    5. How can you help them see around corners etc?

  2. "Show" is greater than "tell"

    1. Never underestimate how much buyer's appreciate hearing / reading the words "For example..." as it means "let me make this real for you."

    2. Positioning is helpful but the faster you can move into a relevant use case defined as how you create value associated with a buyer's critical problem(s) aka you're a painkiller not a vitamin, the faster you're going to get the undivided attention of a buyer.

    3. Follow up with 2-3 rock solid persona aligned case studies...even better.

  3. Moments that matter

    1. Within the buyer journey, there are specific moments that matter more so than others.

    2. Some people refer to these as success drivers, draw parallels to the 80/20 rule etc but bottomline, over invest in getting these moments right as they will have a disproportionate impact on your conversion probability.

    3. For example, what will someone think / feel after spending 7 seconds looking at your Linkedin profile?

    4. Will they "Yay" or "Nay" you. Yep, 7 seconds.

  4. Buyer motivations

    1. People buy for so many different reasons.

    2. Some reasons involve their heads, others involve their hearts, others involve both.

    3. Understanding a buyer's true motivation is something that they might not even understand.

    4. This is why selling at a high level is so much more than what's said vs what isn't said.

    5. EQ comes into play in a MAJOR way.

January 12, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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