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#12: Technology Can be Magical. These 5 are...

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I don't know about you but the more I integrate Low Code No Code + super modern SaaS products into my workflow, the more often I find myself leaning back from my computer + saying "WOW...I can't believe how much time I just saved + how much more productive this process is."

Here are 5 products that have been magical to me.

  1. Notion

    1. It's an incredible knowledge management meets collaboration tool.

    2. "Notion is an application that provides components such as databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders.

    3. Users can connect these components to create their own systems for knowledge management, note taking, data management, project management, among others."

  2. AirTable

    1. The speed, simplicity + utility of the way you can manage data is astounding. "Airtable is a cloud collaboration service.

    2. Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid, with the features of a database but applied to a spreadsheet."

  3. Substack

    1. Substack makes the process of standing up modern, multi-media email newsletters super simple so you can focus 97% of the time on the content vs "the other stuff".

    2. "Substack is an online platform that provides publishing, payment, analytics, and design infrastructure to support subscription newsletters."

  4. Carrd

    1. Beautiful one page sites with an interface that's super intuitive.

    2. "Carrd is a platform for building simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything, whether it's a personal profile, a landing page with a MailChimp signup form, or something a bit more elaborate. It's fast, flexible, simple to use, and 100% free."

  5. Figma

    1. Figma democratizes access to world class design resources that helps you try + get your Jack Butcher / Visualize Value on.

    2. "Figma is a browser-based UI and UX design application, with excellent design, prototyping, and code-generation tools. It's currently (arguably) the industry's leading interface design tool, with robust features which support teams working on every phase of the design process."

January 14, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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