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#20: I'm Picking Up What Nick Huber is Putting Down on Twitter, Are You?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

10 recent tweets to convince you to follow Nick’s feed (@sweatystartup):

  1. "Twitter can be terrible if you follow negative people. It can also be more valuable than a college degree if you follow (and network with) the right people. You get to look right into their brain and read a daily narrative of HOW they think."

  2. "I've come to the conclusion that 50% of folks in this world don't even spend enough time alone with their thoughts to have their own opinions. They haven't done the work to decide what they think. And that isn't a rewarding way to live."

  3. "Scarcity is bullsh*t. Everyone can win. There is plenty of money to go around. Help other people and you’ll get help in return. I only succeeded at this because folks like @moseskagan showed me the ropes. Study first, ask second."

  4. "Doing anything worth doing is uncomfortable. Doing anything uncomfortable comes with fear and self doubt. Successful folks battle this every day!"

  5. "Being comfortable being uncomfortable is how you win. Everything worth doing in this world requires you to get uncomfortable."

  6. "Have thick skin and don’t get emotional. Some humans are mean. Very mean. Don’t let it get to you. If it does, find another place to do business. This is sales. You will have rejection and not everyone will like you."

  7. "Instead of trying to guess where the fish are, follow the fishermen."

  8. "Your goal should be to make smart people think differently about something. Or to think about something totally new and learn. If it takes 10 seconds to write, its probably not worth reading."

  9. "90% of folks in life play defense. Other people make decisions and they react. They are totally out of control. They complain, blame others and continue to react to their surroundings. The key to life is playing offense and taking control of your surroundings."

  10. "People do business with people they like. Become a person others like."

January 26, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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