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#22: 'Sports Industry: Getting In, Getting Ahead + Giving Back'

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I co-hosted my first Clubhouse room with Matt Wilson - "Sports Industry: Getting In, Getting Ahead + Giving Back".

I was blown away by who showed up and the quality of the conversation. Part of the magic of Clubhouse is how it enables you to bring together a group of like-minded people who otherwise might not meet.

Top 4 things I was especially stoked about:

  1. Mentor vs Advocate

    1. If there was one topic that stole the show, it was this one.

    2. I've been very fortunate to have some amazing mentors in my life and I LOVE being a mentor but I had never understood the difference between these two.

    3. Over simplifying as there's so much depth to this but a mentor relationship is driven by the mentee who pushes to engage, learn, ask questions etc.

    4. An advocate relationship is driven by the advocate where they help architect a mentee's career trajectory and literally / figuratively put them in the room, in the circumstance to drive next level growth for the long haul.

    5. The person that framed this for the room knows who you are and all I have to say, again, for the 15th time is WOW + THANKS!

  2. Growth Mindset

    1. Everyone in that room had the growth mindset which might have something to do with how awesome the conversation was.

    2. Felt like everybody was all about sharing knowledge, helping each other get better, grow the pie for everyone etc.

    3. So so so cool and important.

  3. Evolution of "First In, Last Out"

    1. While this topic was a little bit tough at first, I loved where we landed.

    2. It's never too early to embrace 360-degree, fully transparent feedback across all levels of the organization.

    3. In this COVID era more so than ever, mental health is critical to pay attention to.

    4. Maybe we're seeing an evolution of "First In, Last Out" to a mentality tied to maximizing the impact of the work you do when you're on but ensuring you disconnect, focus on you, your family, friends, passions etc outside of work.

    5. Shoutout to Bruce Arians.

  4. Super Broad Industry Representation

    1. We had high school seniors, college students, folks that just entered the industry, those with 5-10, 10-20+ years of experience, folks from the business side, the sports side, academic side, legal side investors etc.

    2. So much diversity of perspective was a massive contributor to the conversation quality.

I couldn't be more stoked to have found such a like-minded group of rockstars to chop it up with and I just hope they'll keep joining us as you know what they say about how much good a group of like-minded people can achieve...

February 27, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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