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#46: If I Were a CMO Today, 5 Things I'd Focus On

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

  1. Essence + Culture

    1. Everything begins and ends here.

    2. I'd obsess about viewing our company through a Stakeholder Capitalism lens.

    3. What are we really all about?

    4. How are we bringing our essence to life through our culture and everything we do / don't do?

    5. How well are we "showing" vs "telling" in the marketplace?

    6. Are we living our principles?

    7. Does the market feel it?

  2. Be A Media Company

    1. Enable leaders across the organization to meaningfully participate in the Creator Economy.

    2. As Matthew Kobach (@mkobach), one of the best CMOs in the game, recently said, "Having a founder who's active on Twitter is a competitive advantage", imagine an organization that enables all of its leaders the way music industry / record labels enable artists.

  3. Buyer Journey, Platforms + Mediums

    1. People don't buy like they used to so I most definitely wouldn't market or sell like folks used to.

    2. Meet people where they are, build / learn in public, create compelling content / experiences to create compelling relationships, add value every step of the way etc.

    3. Inspired by Fast, Lunchbox, Hubspot / The Hustle etc.

  4. Fully Unleash the Creative Process

    1. Lean all the way into the emerging tech stack infrastructure to unleash the creative process across the entire organization as much as humanly possible (i.e. Air, Carrd, Capsule, Rows etc).

    2. Build authentic relationships with real deal creators and partners that share our essence.

    3. Put together amazing collaborations that have major impact.

  5. Incentive Alignment, Pipeline Growth + Sales Cycle Velocity

    1. This is the science part of the Art + Science equation.

    2. Creativity is magic.

    3. Good magicians know how to cultivate it while Great Magicians also know how to harness it to deliver commercial outcomes aka revenue.

    4. Without question, it's a team sport and we need to make sure we're all rowing the same direction, participating in the value generated and rewarding team / long-game behavior.

February 18, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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