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#61: Modern Distribution #4: Simplify + Codify Distribution Language

More often than not, Sales and Marketing / Demand Generation talk past each other because they're using similar words but are attaching different definitions to them.

They believe they're communicating with each other but they aren't necessarily understanding each other.

Here are 4 priority areas to focus on.

  1. Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

    1. While it might be true that any company can benefit from your technology, which ones can benefit the most?

    2. Rise above the noise, get into the business challenges that keep your ICP executive suite up at night, line up their biggest priorities with your product differentiators and quantify the business value you can generate for them. VERY good things will happen.

  2. Product differentiation + defensibility

    1. Where does your product really differentiate vs its competitive set in a way that stacks the deck in your favor?

    2. Focus on client business value creation driven by your product's capabilities that will outperform your competition in a head-to-head test every time.

  3. Become a magnet that attracts your ICP's Champion + Economic Buyer, ultimately, shape their buying criteria

    1. How do you consistently grow your pipeline by aligning the owned content that powers your always on Demand Generation and ABM campaigns?

    2. Shift your mindset from proving technology to proving business value that accelerates your Sales team's ability to engage a Champion, shape their Buying Criteria and eventually crush their meeting with the Economic Buyer.

  4. Quantity, quality of MQLs + conversion rate aka Sales Cycle Velocity (SCV)

    1. How many ICP aligned leads has the Demand Generation team originated?

    2. What % of them have closed?

    3. What stage of qualification were they when you introduced the Sales team into the mix?

    4. What was the average sales cycle?

    5. What's the average initial deal size? etc.

    6. Demand Generation teams that optimize efforts towards answering these kinds of questions are the kinds CEOs, CROs etc love. Full stack.

April 25, 2021 (Tweet Link)

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