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#63: Conversation Intelligence for Growth Personifies Human + Machine Collaboration

The application of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to the way growth teams interact with the market is transformational.

In sports terms, enabling companies to automatically analyze every prospect / customer interaction is the equivalent of inventing the ability to review game film.

Top 4 reasons to be all in.

  1. Replicate your superstar hunters

    1. The 80/20 rule holds in Sales but it might be even more skewed.

    2. What if you could harness automation to replicate the methodology, techniques etc of your top 5-10% of Sales folks?

    3. Shed some light on the "dark art" by automating the sharing of game tape and specific plays aka interactions with the market that help raise the average productivity quotient of your entire Sales team.

    4. Imagine that.

  2. Asynchronous learning platform

    1. Being able to automate the creation of playlists of actual market interactions that break down what success looks like is amazing.

    2. Being able to create customized learning tracks of actual market interactions to improve on-boarding, knowledge or process gaps, collaboration between Demand Generation + Sales etc is something else.

    3. Equivalent of moving from analog to digital aka rising tide lifts all ships.

  3. Ensure voice of customer permeates culture, strategy + the market "feels it"

    1. Customer centricity is easy to say but hard to do, especially for legacy businesses.

    2. Automating feedback loops between the market and Demand Generation enables a learning organization to realize the promise of customer centricity through the raw data vs various human interpretations of raw data.

    3. Major upgrade to your signal vs noise ratio.

  4. Enable machines to do what they do best + humans to do everything else that they do best

    1. Conversation Intelligence platforms generate all these insights, create learning tracks, make real-time recommendations etc without increasing the burden on humans (i.e.) transcribe notes, meeting recaps, action items, data analysis etc.

    2. Enabling you to immerse yourself in your conversation without having to worry about taking notes.

    3. Little things are the big things and we know the impact of active listening...1 mouth, 2 ears for a reason.

May 6, 2021 (Twitter Link)

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