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#79 Build-In-Public + NoCode Unleashes Microbusiness Innovation

Lean Validation Ladder is what happens when you mash up Build In Public + NoCode rapid experimentation to build more / better products aka microbusinesses.

1 - Get from 0 to 1 faster, better + cheaper

@JelmerPe LVL enables people to build more / better products without requiring investment capital per se. Enabling bootstrapped businesses to thrive as it's a natural way to validate ideas and strengthen feedback loops. De-risking the venture through a validated customer base while affording you the ability to make multiple bets.

2 - Learn to build. Learn to sell. If you can do both, you'll be unstoppable. - @Naval

Whether you know how to build but don't know how to sell, know how to market but don't know how to build or you're a subject matter expert, LVL enables you to learn by doing. Becoming someone who can do both. Becoming unstoppable.

3 - Give yourself psychological permission to jump out of the airplane

At first, building in public can be very hard. Once you give yourself psychological permission to put yourself out there, you access rapid experimentation and validation while bringing your community along for the ride. Creating super strong feedback loops and enabling them to co-create with you along the way.

4 - Ready to jump out of the airplane? Here's your parachute

Parallel path building in public with NoCode experimentation with foundational products / platforms. Notion, Airtable, Bubble, Adalo, Carrd etc. To jumpstart BIP, post 20 pieces of original content in 30 days about the problem you're looking to solve. Build the muscle. Keep going until you have a validated idea.

Then use Notion to build a v1.

Here. We. Go.

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